do boy toys sex

When it comes to toys for boys, I often find myself asking the big question. Do boys toys impact their sense of gender? Growing up with two older brothers, this question was something I pondered while rummaging through the toy bin. I remember my older brothers constantly playing with trucks, playing catch in the yard, and even saving up their hard earned allowance to buy the latest action figure.

My parents never seemed to complicate things. They reacted in typical fashion when they were presented with this topic, “Boys will be boys”. My folks usually bought my brothers trucks, toy guns and action figures, while keeping the gender “line” starkly drawn. Looking back, sex toys I often wonder if the toys I was surrounded by growing up truly stunted my growth in areas of gender exploration.

I hear parents concerned that toy trucks might make their son’s more aggressive as toy guns will teach him to be violent. I know many people who wouldn’t let their sons play with anything that could be considered male stereotypical items, worried it might lead to an increased sense of male entitlement and chauvinism. I can certainly understand why some parents choose to curb their son’s exposure to violent toys for young boys.

But I also don’t think these same parents should be so quick to forget the opportunity toys like these present for their sons. This could be an ideal time to introduce them to the world of construction, engineering and even leadership skills. If a parent takes the time to explain how these tools should be used and encourages exploration and creativity, there is the potential for so much growth. Not to mention, the play with construction toys, toy weapons and dildos action figures can also teach children a healthy emotional ‘check & balance’ system.

Take my friend’s son, for example: as a toddler, his parents let him play with anything that sparked his interest. If he wanted a toy truck, he got a toy truck. But when it came to playing with it, he was encouraged to use it as a “space ship” in a make-believe world. I believe that these types of open ended approaches can lead to a greater respect of gender identity and pretty sound values.

Parents want the best for their children and it’s natural to be wary of the kind of topics raised by stereotypical toys. But there are countless ways to cultivate an appreciation for human diversity while maintaining a healthy level of exploration when it comes to letting a child play with toys. Balance is in the approach.

So it’s important to keep in mind that toys don’t “sex up” boys, and it’s not necessarily anything bad when they do. If handled in the right way, boys toys can actually help young boys understand, accept and interact well with people of all genders.

There are so many opportunities which exist when it comes to finding the right balance of toys and play. It’s time to foster a safe playground for kids to explore their passions and develop a healthy respect for all genders. Who knows, maybe we can help shape the next generation into healthier, more accepting adults. What do you think?