how to describe a sex toy on a customs sheet

I think a hilarious way to describe a sex toy on a customs sheet is to refer to it as an ‘adult novelties’. It’s almost like a euphemism that you’d have to explain if asked, but it gets the point across. Of course, if you were being less circumspect you could list it as a vibrator or dildo. Although sometimes, I bet they just throw an eyebrow up and accept the ‘adult novelties’ without question.

I remember once when I was travelling overseas with a friend and had packed a toy generously provided by an acquaintance who was also in the field. As soon as the customs agent spotted the big box on the X ray, he asked what it was and my friend blurted out “it’s an adult novelties!”. I just had to bite my tongue not to burst out laughing at the look of surprise on the customs agent’s face. The agent eventually made the determination that it was indeed an ‘adult novelty’ and we were allowed to continue on our way.

The funny thing is, really it’s a matter of semantics. But there’s a certain something about calling a spade a spade and using the correct terminology that makes a difference. That’s why it pays to know the right words to use if you ever find yourself needing to describe a sex toy on a customs sheet. Hopefully, you won’t even have to experience the awkwardness of explaining it to a customs agent and you can simply state the item on the form.

I think it’s important to be able to describe the item accurately and without judgement for the sake of customer service or professionals involved. Yet, when being honest with yourself, it’s nice to be able to laugh at the ridiculousness. I’m sure no one will judge you for making a joke – even if the customs agents don’t always find it funny.

In any case, it’s best to be prepared. Do some research on the type of sex toy you’re trying to get through customs with and use appropriate language. Make sure you double-check what is and isn’t allowed into the country. Depending on where you’re traveling it may or may not be allowed and if it is, you may be required to present other information or declarations.

It comes down to making sure you are honest and accurate with the information you provide so that you and your items can get through safely, without problems. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, but I assure you that it will pay off in the end.

Now that you understand the basics of labeling a sex toy on a customs sheet, it’s time to look into different types of toys and the common terminology used to refer to each one. To make it easier, let’s start by breaking it down into three main categories: vibrators, dildos and other sex toys.

Vibrators are, perhaps, the most commonly known sex toy. Generally they work by sending run currents throughout the entire toy or through small motors that create a buzzing or vibrating sensation. Depending on what type you have, it may come with a variety of settings and functions to enhance the experience.

Dildos are a generic term for artificial penises. They work by either being manually inserted into the vagina or anus, or they can be used with a harness that allows for hands-free penetration. Some dildos even come with suction-cup bases that can be attached to a flat surface for stability and friction.

Other sex toys include anal beads, clamps, cock rings, hollow dildos, kegel balls, lubricants, Penis Rings sleeves, prostate toys, strap-ons, suction-cup dildos, and so much more. The list of sex toys is vast and varied – the possibilities are really endless.

When it comes to the actual description of the items on the customs sheet, the most important part is to be honest. Don’t go into detail unless you are asked to do so, and make sure to use the official terms wherever possible. Doing this will ensure that you get the best service and the quickest entry possible into your destination.