how to make home made portable penis pump

It’s not always easy to purchase a penis pump from the store.​ That’s why I find making your own home made penis pump a great solution.​ I’m here to share my knowledge of how to make your own.​

First things first, you need a good pair of scissors and a heat sealer.​ You will also need an airtight container, which can be easily bought from any hardware store.​ To make this airtight container, you will need a top sealant to ensure it won’t leak.​ I prefer to use a strong double-sided adhesive tape.​ After you’ve bought all these items, it’s time to start making your home made penis pump.​

First, cut the airtight container to the size and dildos shape of your penis.​ Then, heat seal the top of the container with the adhesive tape.​ Once that’s done, you should use a syringe to inject air into the top of the container.​ This will be your vacuum source.​The more air you inject, the stronger the vacuum will be.​

Next, make sure the container is firmly attached to the penis by using a soft elastic band or a rubber band.​ This will make sure the container won’t come off, even after you’ve pumped it up.​ After that, all that’s left to do is to pump the air into the container and enjoy the results.​

Now that you know how to make your own home made penis pump, now let’s talk a bit more about the pros and cons.​ As a plus, you just get to save some cash since you’re not purchasing one from the store.​ Plus,you can also take it wherever you go as it’s portable.​ On the other hand, you just need to be careful to not apply to much pressure as it can damage your skin.​

Once the processis done, it’s time to enjoy the results.​ There are a few methods you can follow to achieve faster erection, but it’s important to experimentand see what works best for you.​ Some people like to keep the tube connected to the penis for a few more minutes after pumping it up.​ This will ensure the maximum results of the pumping process.​

Furthermore,you can also use a cockring to keep your penis pumped up for longer.​ Make sure to adjust it properly as too tight can also damage your skin.​ These are some of the methods that can help you to maintain a long-lasting erection.​Remember to be patient as it can take some time before you can see significant results.​

At the same time, pump slowly and steadily.​ Pumping too quickly or too intensely can damage your penis.​ You should also take a break from using your penis pump every 20 minutes to avoid damaging your penis.​ Plus, keep in mind to use a lubricant before and after the pumping process to keep your penis smooth and healthy.​

Additionally, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it can greatly increase your sexual performance.​ Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest will have a huge impact on your sexual performance.​

On the other hand, smoking and drinking can definitely affect your sexual performance negatively, sex dolls so make sure to limit these bad habits.​ Furthermore, avoiding stress can make sure that you’re in the perfect state of mind for a pleasurable sexual experience.​

Overall, making your own home made penis pump might seem a bit daunting the first time, but with patience and practice, you’ll get there.​ Don’t forget the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to maximize your gains.​ Good luck and happy pumping!