masturbation male fertility

Masturbation is something I never knew could be related to male fertility, but there it is – even involving your nethers is a way to look after your reproductive health.​ It’s something I would have never imagined – I mean, I’m no prude, but when it comes to talking about one’s private parts, it’s all a bit too intimate for me.​ But it’s a subject that warrants serious consideration, as there is a much deeper connection between masturbation and male fertility than what meets the eye.​

Did you know that masturbation can actually boost fertility? That’s right, frequent self-love can help to reduce the number of abnormal sperm, as well as improve its motility.​ This means that men who masturbate regularly can have a much better chance of having healthy babies in the future.​ On top of that, it can also help to reduce stress levels – didn’t think of that did you?

And then there’s the fact that masturbation can also increase sperm count.​ Who would have thought it! In essence, there’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of taking a little time out for self-care.​ It can do wonders for the body not just mentally, but physically too.​ Plus, it’s a lot of fun.​

But there’s more – research has also found that masturbating can increase blood flow to the pelvic area, which in turn can help to increase overall sensitivity during sex toys.​ This can help to make sexual intercourse much more enjoyable for both partners, as well as making it easier to become aroused.​ So, no longer do you need to worry that masturbation might be negatively impacting your performance in the bedroom – there are in fact many positive benefits to be had from self-love.​

One of the most fascinating findings of all is that masturbation can also help to improve libido.​ Yes, you heard me right – taking a little bit of me-time can actually get you in the mood for some special alone or dildos couple time.​ Who would have thought that this pleasure-seeking activity can help to put you in the ‘yes please’ kind of frame of mind?

Let’s talk about timing… It’s important to remember that timing is also important when it comes to male fertility.​ Scheduling intercourse or masturbation around ovulation can actually increase the chances of getting pregnant.​ The trick is to keep masturbation or intercourse within five days after ovulation.​ This provides the highest chance of successfully conceiving while insuring a much better chance of a healthy baby.​

Let’s also not forget that masturbation can also help to prevent premature ejaculation.​ Yeah, that’s right, a little ‘me time’ can help to increase ejaculatory control significantly, ensuring a much more enjoyable experience when engaging in sexual activity with a partner.​ So, if you’re finding it difficult to last in the bedroom, giving yourself some loving attention can be a great way to increase your self-confidence and dread of performance anxiety.​

Another great point to consider is that masturbation can also help to increase the production of prostate fluids.​ That said, it’s important to bear in mind that excessive masturbation can potentially have the opposite effect.​ If you can have a healthy balance, it can be a great way for men to maintain their reproductive health.​

Masturbation has also beenknown to provide relief from pain caused by various diseases or conditions, such as erectile dysfunction.​ Men who suffer from ED often struggle to get and keep an erection, and masturbation provides a great release to help reduce tension and discomfort.​ Basically, it can help to get your juices flowing when other solutions don’t work – who knew?!

Oh, and another plus side is that some people also use masturbation as a way to explore and get to know their bodies better.​ Understanding what feels good, what doesn’t work for you, and the speed and pressure that work best for you can help to increase your own self-confidence in the bedroom as well.​ That’s definitely not a bad thing in my opinion.​

So, as it turns out, incorporating a little self-love into your routine can provide some serious benefits – not just physically, but mentally too.​ It can help to improve male fertility, to say nothing of reduction in stress levels, better ejaculatory control, increased libido, and relief from pain.​ And hey, it’s all good fun too.​ So, don’t be afraid to give yourself a little love – it’s actually for your own benefit in the long run.​